Ad-hoc Support

Ad-Hoc Support

Ad-hoc support offers IT assistance as and when you need it. If you have minimal IT support requirements, want to pay as you go or simply need the right information at the right time, call or email us and our next available support engineer will assist you with your problem. Whether the problem is software or hardware related, our team can identify the problem and help resolve it effectively and efficiently. In addition, we can advise you how you can avoid similar issues in the future. Charges are per ¼ of an hour with minimum one hour charge for on-site visits.

It is a reactive approach to IT problems rather than the pro-active solution covered by the Managed Support option.

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Have a peace of mind knowing that a fast professional support service is available when you need it. Alternatively, new customers might just want to gain confidence with our services before considering a managed IT support contract.