Security and why it is needed?

Keeping your network, users and information secure is our highest priority. With network security in place, your company is protected against business disruption, preventing employee downtime and protecting your customers’ data.
To ensure your IT infrastructure, virtual or physical, is safe, we can check your existing security strategies and help implement the best anti-virus protection on the market to protect your IT system from attacks which can cripple your business.

Email Anti-Spam and Security
With the growth in quantity and complexity of threats now sent and received by email, successful email security is business critical. Cloud email security solutions offer the most effective security and compliance services on the market and have huge advantages over on premise infrastructure and software solutions.

    • 24/7 protection against spam, malware, phishing, and virus threats
    • Monthly subscriptions
    • Scales as per business requirements
    • Recovery & Continuity: Automatic archive of all inbound email for previous 60 days
    • Access to email at any time via webmail interface
    • No hardware or software